7 Things to Consider before Buying Best Remote Control Cars: Guideline for Beginners

Best Remote Control Cars in 2018

For the Beginner selecting Best Remote Control Cars from hundreds of models is not seem an easy task at all. Beginners need some basic knowledge about the RC Vehicle so that they can choose the right one which can fit their budget and requirements. Here in this article, we reflected the most important 7 thing to considers before buying Best Remote Control Cars for kids.

  1.  Beginner or Expert

There are generally two types of RC cars for expert or beginners. One comes with Brushless motors and another with brushed motors. The Car having Brushless motors can give the mightiest speed and the other type can have moderate speed comparing the first type.

As the Brushless motors can give top speed on the road. The beginners shouldn’t select the RC car with brushless motors. Controlling a Fast car is not an easy task for the Beginner level Drivers. The Beginners are advised to select the Car with a Brushed motor so that they can easily control the moderate speed of their RC Vehicles.


On the Other Hand Advance level, riders know how to control their RC truck even at the highest speed when participating in a racing campaign. For this type racer, RC cars with brushless motors can be a perfect choice ever. This type of RC truck allows the expert to pick up their speed at the top level and break all other records.




 2:  Selecting the Brand


Before buying best Remote Control Cars, a Brand selection is one of the important factors for the riders. The expert knows better about the top RC Car providers. Traxxas, Maisto, Kid Galaxy and Holystone are the leading RC car Manufactures in this 21st century. These brand generally provide the Best Remote Control Cars for any level riders.

Traxxas is the well know RC maker and most of their products always ensures incredible power and performance on the road. They have some brushless cars which are made for racing and they have high price tags.

Maisto is another name of best RC maker in our Generation. They likely to provide best quality RC cars having mightiest power and speed.

Kid Galaxy and Holystone also have some Best Remote control Cars. But their most of the Product recommended for children and toddlers. Colorful design and innovative ideas make their car suitable for the Beginner level Kids for introducing with Remote Control Car.

 3:  Includes Realistic Features

Some RC Car comes with realistic features. They can release smoke while running at a top speed. Some RC cars have the realistic sound effect of a real car. These type of car having such realistic features generally need recoil system that helps them doing such thing over and over. This type of RC car can bring you highest pleasure and have a high price in the market.


 4:  Consider the Body Type

When searching the Best remote control cars for kids you can generally find two types of body structure with almost every Rc vehicles. Some of them have the metal body and other are made of plastic. The RC truck with the metal body is sturdy and durable enough against crashes. As the metal body makes the RC car weight comparing with plastic body RC car. This makes them quite slower than the others type. So this type of Rc vehicles is not exact for racing but for RC combat or off-road riding.


If you need a car for off-road riding or fighting with others powerful RC cars then car having metallic body type will be the perfect choice for you. But when the speed is the main matter then we recommended Plastic Body car which ensures top speed for racing.






5:  Battery Pack and Accessories


There is mainly two type of power sources using the Best Remote Control Cars- Battery and fuel. If you consider purchasing an RC truck with Battery then you can upgrade their Battery Pack and give the maximum power and performance. Remind that, Buying a stronger Battery charger will be most helpful for the long time playing with your Best Remote Control Cars. Also, this type of Rc car has a cheap price compared with others types RC Cars.


If you want to avoid the charging issues then you should better to have the cars going with nitro or petrol. Just simply refuel your car and ensure stronger power. This type of Rc vehicles has the mightest speed and power on the road. Also, they sometimes included more realistic features then the Rc cars comes with Battery Pack.

 6: Type of Remote Controller

To drive an RC Vehicle you must need a Remote Controller. Most of the Best Remote Control Cars come with their own customized Remote controller. Some of them have built-in screen Remote controller and some allow the users to simply control their car just using their smartphone. this type of cars having smartest remote controllers features usually comes with high price tags.



7: About the Budget


You don’t need to have a sky level budget for buying a best remote control Car. You just need some basic knowledge and this will help you select a perfect RC Vehicle fits your Budget. You can also find some cheap Best Remote Control Cars in the recent RC Store. Sometimes RC Vehicle with the customization option can less the Price and make you feel happy. You just need to purchase their accessories and attached to your RC Vehicle at home.

Best Remote Control Monster Truck in 2018

VATERRA Ascender Review | K-5 Blazer Model Truck

Our Recommendation: 14 Years Old and UP




If you are looking for RTR model latest RC truck to add your collection then it’s better to have a look into this  VATERRA K-5 Blazer Ascender Truck. This 4 wheel drive and off road designed truck allow user to deal with any terrain difficult roads anytime. The Manufacture added some more latest innovation so that it can give you easy navigation on the time. This will be surely a good idea as the especially gifts for your kids and children. But be also sure that drivers are expert on riding RC vehicles.   


Traxxas Ford Raptor Review: Model- F150

Our Recommendation: 7 Years Old and UP


If you are searching for an unbeatable RC Toy for the beginners level kids then this Traxxas Ford Raptor F150  will be doubtlessly suitable one. The RC car ensure high performance on both off road or on highway. The car made by famous RC (Included: RC Car, RC boat or RC Quadcopter ) maker Traxxas. They provide a full line of other accessories for their RC products. And thing really going same her: you can replace the parts and can improve overall performance at any time.    


Redcat Volcano EPX | Racing Monster Truck

Our Recommendation: 10 Years Old and UP


do you need an RC Car for both racing and off-road riding? If the answer is yes then you better have a look to this Redcat Volcano EPX model RC car. Bigger wheels and 4 wheels driving capability make it perfect one for terrain road riding. Includes electric brushed 27T 540 motors with its mightiness powers for overtaking any obstacle on its way. The RTR model RC cars comes with a waterproof receiver and stripped wheels allow running perfectly through the snow or on the watery surface. It’s really a great deal to make it your best presentation for RC Truck lover kids.



Best Remote Control Cars for RC Race Lovers in 2018


Traxxas XO-1 Supercar | World’s Fastest RC Car

Our Recommendation: 12 Years Old and UP



You may ask Google which one is the fastest RTR RC car in the world? The only one option will be the Traxxas XO-1 Supercar. With its 100 MPH top accelerating speed make the cars the RC brushless car in the Market. The RC race lover guys might love this buddy as it can accelerate the speed over 60 mph within just 3 seconds. Included some specials telemetry sensors which able to detect temperature, pressure, and humidity. Like an auto type RC Car for beat any RC car by the highest speed. The Traxxas XO-1 Supercar are designed differently and seems like a beauty with its dashing flashy red paints.  



Redcat Lightning Epx Pro | Best Remote Control Cars for Drafting

Our Recommendation: 12 Years Old and UP



Redcat Racing Lightning EPX Drift RC Car is one of the popular names in the RC Zone. Engineered by Redcat Racing perfect for those individuals who are looking for a great powerful machine with an affordable price tag. The nicely designed RC car comes with Brushed Motor and allows the user to customize their kits to change their styles. The RC car can handle everything through on it especially good for drifting or sliding. It’s adjustable suspension and customization features have made the car best one among other ordinary RC vehicles. It does not matter what kind of Rider you are this one will be nicely fitted with your experience level.





Team Losi XXX-SCT Brushless RC Car

Our Recommendation: 7 Years Old and UP




It’s never a bad idea for making some fun with an RC car. This Team Losi XXX-SCT Brushless RC Car never disappoint you either by its speed or the stability on road. For this supermodel Best Remote Control Cars, you can go over mud, small grass or any terrain surface. Able to run at a full speed up to 30 to 45 MPH which ensures top performance for racing. What kind of purposes you wanna get this one no matter you can do your driving with this buddy! Though the Team Losi XXX-SCT Brushless RC Car has recorded speed among all other RC vehicles, also it always nicely fitted with Beginner level drivers.


ECX Torment 2WD RTR Brushless RC Car for Beginners

Our Recommendation: 8 Years Old and UP



Are you searching for a beginner lever racing RC car with brushless motors? Then you better have a look to this ECX Torment 2WD RTR Brushless cars Reviews. This buddy equipped with mostly innovative engineering by Poplar RC maker Traxxas. They used the 2.4GHz waterproof receiver, pre-wired Battery, Spectrum DX2E 2.4GHz transmitter and some of other smartest features. Metal gear transmission ensures greater handling and adjustable shocks allow better stability on terrain or off-road riding. It has nylon composite chassis made the car mostly durable against any crashes or pushing some big guys.

If you are searching for a low price range RTR with everything in the box then this one may fulfill all of your desire when first time drives an RC Car in your life.

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