DJI Drone with 4K Camera: Phantom 4 Pro

DJI Drone with 4K Camera

When you search for the Drone with 4K Camera across the internet. Most of the reference sites show you the results where you obviously see this Dji Drone with 4K Camera in the first serial. The Reason behind their such sky level fame is their ultimate Speed power and Camera quality. With it’s smartest features the DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone offers high definition video capturing and 20 MP camera for top class photo both in air and land.


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DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone’s Specifications:

– Onboard Camera with 1-inch 20MP Sensor
– Multi-directions obstacle sensing Feature
– Built-in screen Remote Controller
– Lightbridge HD video transmission system
– 5.8 GHz Transmission Support
– Uses GPS to detect the home location
– Auto takeoff and return home
– The 60fps HD video and supports 20MP photos.
– 4K Camera ensures high resolutions capturing.
– Stabilizes with Gimbal stabilization technology
– Hover setting to capture images on the air.
– Allows to add text, music, and other features to videos

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DJI Drone with 4K Camera

The camera is the most vital feature when someone buying a Drone. Users are likely to be happy with high-quality Camera attached to their Drone. By this side, the DJI Drone with 4K Camera will be the best one for videography. It allows professional photographers shot clear image from the air with it’s 20 MP High Definition Camera. The camera also ensures top class photo shot with excellent angles.



Unbelievable Speed and Power

Like other Drones, this Dji Drone with 4K Camera is a little size Device and don’t look like a big guy at all. But the exception you’ll see in their speed and power. It can fly Up to 72 Km/H in the open sky with some general conditions. The Drone comes with a Lithium-Ion cell which provides full power to fly at full potential for up to 30 minutes in the air.

DJI Drone with 4K Camera: Phantom 4 Pro

Built-in Screen Remote Controler


This Quick flying Machine comes with Built-in screen Remote controller. People who used a Drone before should know the facility having Build-in screen Controllers. With such type of controller, users don’t need an extra device to watch the video or moving their drone. Rather they can control and watch live video on the same controller.


GPS and Home Return Feature

When flying Drone riders sometimes lose the control of being out of range. Even in this case, you don’t need to worry about as the Drone has features called Home return, allow it to back home automatically. The GPS enables features to allow a user to make the Home as returning point and when the Drone loss the control it can return home using the previous set point. The GPS features also help the Drone Camera to focus long distance away from objects and take their clear footage.


Other Attractive Features

The DJI added some other nice features which possibly enough to catch your attention at a first look. The programmes they organized in their Quick machine that has made this small boy a significant one. The Dji Drone with 4K Camera has obstacle sensing ability which helps the Drone to find out any obstacle in its way and ensure the safe landing. It can detect the obstacles from distance away and aware the user before so that they can change the root and have a total safe journey in the air.


Available Mobile App: DJI GO 4
Flying Speed: Up to 72 Km/H
Flying Time: 30 Min
Camera: 60fps and 20MP
Display: LED full-array
Color: White
Battery Type: Lithium Ion
Dimension: 17 x 15 x 10 Inches
Weight: 11 Pounds

Also Included:

– Remote Controller with the screen
– Charger
– Intelligent Flight Battery


The Dji Drone with 4K Camera is one of the smartest creation by DJI. They have featured the Drone with attractive programmes and kits. There is also a mobile app for Drone user to control the camera. These smart features allow users simply flying their Drone just using their smartphone. Some of its internal programmes also allow the user to add text, music or other features even from the air. Your Experience will not be the shadow anymore With this DJI Phantom 4 Pro model Drone. Have this one and prepare to feel the realistic experiences of touching the sky and shooting clouds.



Question: Can you please tell me the difference between Pro+ and Pro
Versions of this Drone?
Answer: Just I only know their Controllers have a nice upgraded! Pro+ comes
with a built-in display.

Question: Nice features but What is the flight range?
Answer: Approximately 3.1 miles with optimal conditions. But the Actual
the flight distance is strongly impacted by weather conditions and other facts.

Question: Do you need an iPad to fly?
Answer: It requires 4.1.2 version Android device or you won’t able to use
some smart features like “follow Me”


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