Holy Stone RC Cartoon Race Car for Baby Toddlers Kids and Children

Holy Stone RC Cartoon Race Car

Are you finding safe Best remote control cars for your little Toddlers? Then this Holy Stone RC Cartoon Race Car will be absolutely adorable one for your kids even under 2 years old. The car have different button which makes different sounds and also included flashing headlights. That’s mean a lot of fun for any level children. It’s nice hoking sounds and flashing system will obviously take their attention at a first glance of younger kids and Toddlers.

Recommended Age: 18 Months and Up


Features and Specifications:

  • Lightning Fast Cartoon RC Race Car
  • 2 Channel: Forward, Reverse Left Right
  • Honking Sounds and Nice Music
  • Flashing Headlights
  • Removable Driver
  • Batteries: 3 AA (Car) & 2 AA (Remote)


Perfect Racing Car for Young Kids

When someone challenge you to beat your RC trucks and so be it. What is the feeling then? Do you ever know this taste before? May be yes or not but the Race lover street boys may don’t wanna lose again. And the situation will be really cool with this Holy Stone RC Cartoon Race Car. It’s ergonomic design and stylish shape has made the car a great introduction for young children. The car can go faster and have a nice blinking headlight. Those engaging features of Holy Stone RC Cartoon Race Car made the car one of the Best Remote Control Cars in the RC Car Zone.


Drive Forward and Reverse/Left

Now a days it is very common scene children playing with their cars in the main street. Sometimes they play race with their cars and sometimes some tricks. And also when you try to do that with another RC car then your car must have some features. This one have it. I am telling about it’s ability to move forward and backward at a same time. It sometimes helps rider to scroll over any rough surface or to unstuck from any other objects. The operation of this features is simple reverse button makes the car backup for 3-6 inches. This help the user to avoid any obstacle on it’s running way.

Features we liked Most


  • Bring lot of Fun for Kids and Toddlers
  • Nice combination of Color and design
  • Indoor RC cars for Secure Play
  • Ideal Gifts for BeginnersĀ 


The Car Can Honk and Play Music

This is really a great features for any Toddler who can listen and observe clearly. This Holy Stone RC Cartoon Race Car bright and colorful which bring the attention of any toddlers at a first glance. Just not enough, it can play music when running and create honk sound after sudden time contentiously. This one will be the perfect one for your kids as you wanna introduce them to first remote control cars. This best remote control cars features has made the Holy Stone RC Cartoon Race Car one of the great RC toy over the Toy store.


Cute Removable Car Driver

Beautifully designed Holy Stone RC Cartoon Race Car comes with a nice decorated driver. lot of Fun! Hun? Yeah, They provide cute and stylish driver with their each car. In his small seat he look amazing! Your toddlers or kids must like such kinda of small RC toys with a small drivers. You can eject the driver from his seat and again can setup him in. No problem! jut a ton of FUN with this one Buddy!



Durable and Easy to Manage

As the manufacturer recommended the age for this Toy Car is only 18 Month and above so it generally possible to run themĀ  with so many stragle on their way. This is why creator of this Holy Stone Remote Control Car can have a greater attention it;s stronger parts and maximum Durability. There you shouldn’t find any sharp edge which may be harmful for your toddlers. They can grasp it very easily and pick to the box after finishing their playing part. They don’t need an huge space for on their table. So we especially recommended this Holy Stone RC Cartoon Race Car for the child above 18 months. Have a lot of FuN!



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