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Kid Galaxy Remote Control Car

When some innovative ideas gather together then sometimes they become delicious for those people who really love such type of great ideas. This Kid Galaxy Remote Control Car somehow make you realize again the test of such a delicious invention. The innovative design of the drivers with each car will obviously make your kids a lot of fun. Kid Galaxy provide two different best remote control cars in the same packet. They create the cars will fully functional design and perhaps bring a lot of pleasure for every toddler playing with these Kid Galaxy Car.

Recommended age: 6 – 12 years

Kid Galaxy Remote Control Cars

Features and Specifications: 

  • Two Bumper Cars in the same Package
  • Two Joystick Remote Controllers
  • Two Cute and innovative Drivers
  • Full and easy Instructions
  • Batteries: 10 AAA batteries required.
  • Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 6 inches
  • Weight : 2 pounds




Kid Galaxy Car is the Best Toy ever for your child

Yeah! Some wanna place Kid Galaxy Remote Control Car with the top in the Kids Car Zone. There really some reasons found from their customer reviews. Their aerodynamic sleek design adds sharp intensity to any race. Those features have happened to them getting the “Oppenheimer Platinum Best Toy Award” for the most innovative, engaging new toy of the year.


Kid Galaxy Remote Control Car with Nice Sounds Effects

The manufacturer of the Kid Galaxy Remote Control Car provides two individuals Chuck Bumper Cars in the same box. Two different colors and two nice decorating Drivers. When one Bumper Car hit another then the driver flip out from his seat and make a little funny noise. This crackling laugh and the sudden ejection of driver make curious most of the toddlers and children. Obviously, this means a lot of fun to your kids and toddlers as it seems the affected drivers are crying at that moment when opponent Kid Galaxy Remote Control Car hit another one. This will be nice tricks for making attention of any toddlers.


Fully functional Durable Design of the Kid Galaxy Car

Kid Galaxy is the name of such RC maker who individually provides the best Remote Control cars ever. This Kid Galaxy Remote Control Car should be considered one of their best invention. Just not improve it’s functional design but also give some emphasis to its outer part and durability. They used A level polymer so that the cars can remain well ever after some hard crashes. In the meantime, if you have a look at their remote controller function then you can find it’s easy to control and lots of fun! Each controller has two levers. The left one controls the movement of the car and the right one controls fans working in the back of the cars. They help the Kid Galaxy Remote Control Car going faster.


The innovative design of Drivers

There are two nice drivers doll in the seats of the car. With a helmet, each one drives their own cars. Actually, you drive but it will seem that they are driving the cars. And most great things about them – when one car hit another then the driver of the effect one flip out suddenly and create a crying sound. Which makes most of the kids a lot of fun! So with this Kid Galaxy Remote Control Cars, your kids will not be the exception.


Joystick abilities on the Controller

The Kid Galaxy Remote Control Car included fairly sensitive joystick with each remote controller. It gives the Cars strong control over the agility and direction. Manipulable and functioning fans bring some more speed to the Kid Galaxy Remote Control Bump ‘n Chuck Bumper Cars.


The Kid Galaxy Remote Control Cars can be the exactly RC toy what you are really waiting for. We recommended this car for 2 years and up children but it also becomes the source of a lot of fun for even the toddlers and kids who just learning observation and listening. Obviously, they will love the cracking sounds and sudden ejection of the driver from their seat. But some customer strongly recommended others to play on hard and plane surfaces as this one not many works on difficult platforms.

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