DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4k Drone

DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4k Drone (7)

If you really wanna capture the sky on your fingers you should try this DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4K Drone. Its innovative features let you capture the beauty all around.


DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4K Drone’s Specifications:

– 4k UHD video recording
– Fully stabilized 3-axis gimbal
– Live viewing and complete camera
– Stable flight indoors
– Live Viewing of 720p video
– Internal microSD card
– Rechargeable remote controller
– DJI Pilot app for iOS and Android
– The 3-axis stabilization Gimbal
– 30fps video recording and 12-megapixel photos.
– Built-in Wi-Fi for easier communication.


DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4k Drone (1)

DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4k Drone (1)

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The Smallest and Powerful One

DJI Phantom 3 Pro is one of the smallest Drone comparing to other ordinary Drones are usually found in the Market. It’s Aerodynamic Design and others useful features made the Drone world most selling among all another flying machine. The Drone featured with 12 Megapixel camera and 30 fps Video recording Capabilities. These ensure the best choice for professional Videography. The Video cam capable of proving 4K resolution video any angles in the air.


Built-in Wi-fi and high definition Video

The Drone can capture 4K video in the air. It’s built-in Wi-fi also enable the user to watch live Video from his Smartphone. Actually nice features are always appreciated by most of the users. An extra feature called Fully stabilized 3-axis gimbal also ensure smooth video quality with various angles. So this time try it for yourself.



Complete Rechargeable Controler

The DJI Phantom 3 Pro Drone comes with a nice model Rechargeable Controler. They included all the features in this simplest controller. This multi features Controler help you to take DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4k under your Command and watch the beauty of nature.



Control DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4K Drone by Smartphone

The ultimate features most of the best drones usually have is the ability to control by users smartphone. What you really wanna do that not matter but it’s a really great idea to watch your recording on your cell phone screen. You can also change the flight setting and some other option using this nice scored features the drone comes with.


Flying Range: 5 Km
Flying Time:23 minutes of flight time
Video Resolution: 4k
Battery: Lithium
Color: White
Dimension: 8 x 13 x 18 inches
Weight: 9.2 pounds


The DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4k is the most smallest and quickest Drone I ever watch in my life. They have also a strong range of controlling up to 5 Km. Enable you to control the Camera using just a simple smartphone. And all over best quality of DJI. Fly it and make some pleasure!



– Built-in 4k Camera for UHD video recording.
– The DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4k is ready to fly out of the box.
– Cool Price Comparing to technology and features.



– May not be ideal for every type of flying.
– Flying this product is restricted within 15 miles radius of the White House.



Question: Can I shoot 24 FPS with its camera?
Answer: Yeah! 24 FPS is available there.

Question: Tell me about the upgraded features of this version compared with their 4k version.
Answer: The difference between the 4k and professional is called the light bridge. A proprietary remote control technology called light bridge.

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